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tub reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing: Make Your Bathtub Look and Feel Brand New

Tired of looking at your dated, stained, chipped, or rusty bathtub? — Bathtub reglazing will make your old tub look and feel like new.

Although a new bathtub can be purchased for a reasonable price, removing and replacing the old tub can cost thousands of dollars. With modern bathtub reglazing techniques, Keystone Resurfacing allows you to greatly reduce the time, effort, and money spent to achieve a ‘like new’ bathroom finish. Your old bathtub CAN look like new!

Bathtub Reglazing Process

•Cover fixtures and areas not included in reglazing process
•Special cleaner is used to remove soap scum, body oils, minerals, etc.
•Surface area is “etched”
•Primer is applied to ensure bonding of new finish
•Non-slip finish option may be applied (use of a bathmat will void warranty due to the possibility of damage)
•Top-of-the-line glaze is applied for a high gloss finish

Keystone Resurfacing provides a durable, beautiful finish on all bathtub surfaces – porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass. Plus, you will be able to use your “like new” bathtub 24 hours after the reglazing process has been completed.

What our clients say:

"I absolutely love my countertop! I have been singing your praises ever since you completed our job. In fact, the plumber we got to install our new faucet couldn’t believe it wasn’t stone. He took your card. Carl and I really appreciate your attention to detail and meticulous work habits.

Thank you, Gary, for a lovely updated kitchen! Wishing you continued success.  

Edwardsville, PA

Avantstone is available in a wide variety of 
colors with a gloss or satin finish.
Choose a color that fits your existing 
decor or that inspires a whole new 
working space.
Avantstone is:
•more bacteria and stain resistant than granite
•more scratch resistant than Corian
•does not have seams like laminate & granite
•is more repairable than laminate & granite
Avantstone provides outstanding durability! 
It is non-porous - making it chemical and stain
resistant. Avantstone is tough - providing a high
level of scratch and heat resistance.

tub reglazing

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