Bathtub Resurfacing
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Bathtub Resurfacing Bathtub Resurfacing Bathtub Resurfacing
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Bathtub Resurfacing

After 20 years in the contracting & trade business, I've decided to specialize in resurfacing and have purchased Keystone Resurfacing from Gary Edwards in January, 2018. Having worked and trained with Gary, you can expect the same quality and service you have come to know from Keystone Resurfacing. 

Nate Bevan

Avantstone is available in a wide variety of 
colors with a gloss or satin finish.
Choose a color that fits your existing 
decor or that inspires a whole new 
working space.
Avantstone is:
•more bacteria and stain resistant than granite
•more scratch resistant than Corian
•does not have seams like laminate & granite
•is more repairable than laminate & granite
Avantstone provides outstanding durability! 
It is non-porous - making it chemical and stain
resistant. Avantstone is tough - providing a high
level of scratch and heat resistance.

Bathtub Resurfacing

Welcome to Keystone Resurfacing

Providing quality kitchen and bath remodeling options is what we do every day. We offer the industry’s best products as well as top-notch customer service to both homeowners and businesses. As a member of the BBB, Keystone Resurfacing proudly serves parts of Luzerne, Wyoming, and Lackawanna counties. Our experience in the building and remodeling trade was established in 1975. And it’s been keeping pace with what’s trending ever since. We’ve been featured in Sunset magazine, a publication with nearly 5 million readers, as well as numerous regional newspapers.

At the same time, Keystone Resurfacing has managed to retain the pride-of-ownership quality control that a family-owned and managed business should offer. We keep in mind that our reputation is on the line with each estimate and completed job. And we know that satisfied customers are the best form of advertising. So it follows that we do our best to get the job done right.

Although we specialize in resurfacing and reglazing of laminate, tile, fiberglass, and other surfaces, Keystone Resurfacing is your source for related repair and remodeling questions. Our experience has helped many home owners accomplish multiple kitchen or bath projects as effortlessly as possible. We’re also the kind of company that helps you decide your best option – even when it’s not an option we offer.

We’re glad to be able to provide you with our guaranteed products and services. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Keystone Resurfacing
49 Wesley Street
Forty Fort, PA 18704
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Bathtub Resurfacing Bathtub Resurfacing Bathtub Resurfacing Bathtub Resurfacing